C. E. Denniston†, Y. Chang†, A. Reinke, K. Ebadi, G. S. Sukhatme, L. Carlone, B. Morrell, A. Agha-mohammadi "Loop Closure Prioritization for Efficient and Scalable Multi-Robot SLAM" Submitted to RA-L/IROS 2022

Y Chang†, K Ebadi†, C. E. Denniston, M. F. Ginting, A. Rosinol, A. Reinke, M. Palieri, J. Shi, A. Chatterjee, B. Morrell, A. Agha-mohammadi, L. Carlone "LAMP 2.0: A Robust Multi-Robot SLAM System for Operation in Challenging Large-Scale Underground Environments" Submitted to RA-L/IROS 2022


† Equal Contribution